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Super Mum "Cass Michelin"

Another Monday.....another "Super Mum" ....... I have had the pleasure of "meeting" this lady through Facebook contacts and our shared journey of healthy living and tasty food.....looking after ourselves on the inside and outside.....this Interview has touched me deeply and I hope it does the same for you.....what an Inspirational young Mum who made a MASSIVE life changing promise to her little sister........

“Cass Michelin”

·         Tell us a little bit about you and your family?

Hi, My name is Cassandra Michelin. I am a do-er! I can’t do enough!

I grew up on the far south coast of NSW with a surfer dude for a dad, a determined hard working mum and a quiet yet inspirational baby sister (8 years younger). My parents worked so hard to give us everything. We didn’t have a lot of money but what ever we did have, went straight to our activities. I attended every dance lesson, every gymnastics squad, physical culture lesson, snowboarding competition, swimming, netball, soccer, touch football, windsurfing… You name it, I did it! My mum always says that I was so full on that she couldn’t face having another child for another 8 years and that’s why there is such a large age gap.

Being not so academic I focused on sport and having fun. I finished my HSC and the over Christmas my dad passed away suddenly from cancer… In some ways at that time, I took myself away for the realisation of his death by taking my mind away from the situation.

I then, followed a friends words of wisdom that said; “Come to this college, its really cool!” So from then, I moved to Sydney to study to become a Personal development, Health and Physical education and Dance Teacher at ACPE.

In my final year of uni I was reunited with my teenage crush, a year later I was engaged to him, a year after that I was a wife and a year after that I became a mum to my beautiful diva of a daughter Pia. With not much time to get a real job, my main focus was to be a good mum and that’s when my passion and research began. Coming from a health background and not being able to sit still, I wanted to make sure everything I was doing for my daughter was right and I wanted to bring my baby up in the very best environment with good nutrient dense foods, with this alot of interest started forming in my mind of my fathers death. Wanting to know more, I started enrolling in courses and into a diploma of nutritional medicine, which I am currently studying. That’s when my business began; Choose life, live it, do it. And this is where I am today, totally inspired to spread the word of good health, especially in nourishing children.

Cass's "AMAZING" Mum and Dad
just before having her....

·         What one ingredient can you not live without and why?

EGGS! I absolutely love organic free-range eggs because they are so unbelievably good for us. Eggs are a complete meal. They are a perfect balance of fats and proteins and they are all together in a great hard carry case shell. A boiled egg is the perfect quick brekky, a snack on the run or a lunch for my girl. I often boil a few up and leave them in the fridge ready. I make a lot of frittatas, crust-less quiche and they are also a must for gluten free baking. Love the little guys!

·         If you had half an hour to cook dinner and realized you didn’t have anything planned, what would you cook? Fish and salad. I am a super basic cook and like to keep it very simple, quick and nutrient dense. Salmon on a baking tray in the oven and throw together a salad with anything that’s left in the fridge. Finish it off with unhulled tahini, apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing = YUM!

·         What is once piece of advice you can pass on to other busy mums?

Take some time out to be you! As busy mums, we are always waiting for the next cuddle, the next snack, the next meeting, the next smile, the next nap, the next bath, the next phone call, the next, the next, the next... There is never time to switch off and there is always something to do. We want the best for our children and our families and we would go without anything to give it to them. It’s totally crazy as it’s easy for mums to loose themselves a little. What we must remember though is that if we don’t look after ourselves; then everything will fall apart so take that time out from being a mum and really enjoy it! My favorite is getting dressed up, heading out with some girlfriends and dancing the night away… Hah!

Cass and her precious daughter Pia

·         If you could have dinner with any 3 people in the world, who would it be and why?

1. My dad – He was such a cool, calm, chilled out guy and he was always so proud of us kids. I know he is up their in the sky watching our every move but it would be amazing to sit down over a good meal and chat about what’s happening in my life now and how exciting it all is. He would definitely be a proud dad!

2. My husband – Time is so limited at the moment for us as my amazing hard working husband is a clearance diver for the NAVY and he is on his advanced clearance divers course this year. This means he is away Monday-Friday every week, all year. Working most days from 5.30am-midnight and only being home on the weekends, its pretty tuff and he is super tired and needs rest so I am looking forward to next year when life should go a little more normal and we can make time for a date night.

       3. Jude Blereau – She is a true whole food mumma. She is a natural foods chef, author, food        coach, cooking teacher and so dedicated to feeding children real food. I would  absolutely love to sit down for dinner with her and take in all her good wisdom… but not before  she gave me a cooking lesson!
Cass and her hubby Andrew coming back from
a surf....

·         Tell me more about “Choose Life. Live it. Do it” and how it came about?

Choose life, live it, do it was created accidently. Being a young, stay at home new mum I just wanted to do what’s best for my baby and knowing how the media can be so wrong I set out to do my own research into what was right for my family. I was very determined to research into every finer detail to make sure I was feeding my baby the best things and using the perfect products. I was so stubborn to not listen to anyone and just do what I thought was right. Through this, I started coming across so much research and information that went against so much of what the world tells us to do as parents and it lead me to think more about my fathers death. My dad died 4 weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer. Being so low, he was pumped with chemo and then fed chocolate milk. It was crazy-ness and we just did as the doctors told us because we believed them. What hit us more was not that he had cancer and died so quick but that the undertaker at the morgue was not aloud to touch him as he had a yellow tag that meant he was too toxic to touch. It came to my realisation that the cancer would have been growing there for a while but the chemo and malnutrition in his final moments was the part that killed him and that ignited so much passion to do more.

After so much thinking and more researching, my baby sister (now 17) who is totally inspirational came to me and said; “Will you promise me something?” I was so confused that I was like WHAT? She said; “Will you pinky promise me that you wont get cancer?” From that day, I really chose to live a healthy disease free life. I understand that it’s not as simple as that but from that moment I decided to do everything in my power to prevent cancer in our growing family. By saying this, I mean living a toxic free, nutrition dense organic lifestyle. My sis and I chose life, to live it and to do it! A week or so later I began writing my blog, I thought that if I am doing all this research on living toxic free, why not make life easier for others and share my finds and recipes with them.

The blog is a fresh & informative read for those who are passionate about living healthily & getting the most out of life! I share with readers my experiences and research! Via my posts, my goal is to empower people to take control of their health and parents to be inspired to raise their own Super natural kids through simple delicious real foods and toxic free living. My husband being a chef before joining the navy and being a keen hunter and gather; our weekends are filled with inspiring teamwork creating yummy real food recipes. All totally refined sugar free, additive free, mostly gluten and dairy free and always crap-free!

I am also a health and lifestyle coach, AKA a Healthy Life Styler! As a healthy life styler I help my clients to uncover what they really want in their lives and then provide them with a supportive environment to have them achieve their dreams and I'll do what ever it takes to help them get it! I work with a holistic approach so we will talk about food and lifestyle as well as spirituality, relationships and emotions. I want to bring my clients to their peak so they can focus on the best parts of life... FUN!

Choose life, live it, do it also has an online toxic free shop. All the products I personally use and love! Every Product has been carefully chosen and only made from natural ingredients, superfoods or equipment to assist in nutritional health!!

I absolutely love what I do! It is so rewarding to be sharing my passion with the world! Thank you so much for including me in your super mum section, even though most of the time I am a SUPER-CRAZY mum. I am so honored. Thank you!

"Family" Anzac Day 2012 - 10 years in the Navy for Andrew


Twitter: @life_choose
Instagram: @chooselife_liveit_doit

What an amazing young Mum hey!? Such a beautiful story..... all the details for Cass are here so make sure you click "Like" check out her pages and why not even take a moment  if this story touched you to let her know......

Take Care of You,
Coll x

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